Transform Your Relationship with Food and Yourself

Discover Joyful Eating and Greater Self-Esteem Through Personalized Nutrition Coaching

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Mindful Nourishment: Transforming Your Relationship
with Food and Self

Discover the joy of a healthier relationship with food and a boost in self-esteem, without restrictive diets or sacrificing your happiness.

Coaching Framework

Download the Mindful Nourishment: Transforming Your Relationship with Food and Self program framework and check out an overview of the framework used to personalize your journey to emotional eating freedom and greater self-esteem for life.

Set up your free coaching call

Click the link below to schedule your free strategy session.

Together we’ll determine whether working together is a smart move for achieving your goals and establish a starting point.

The Benefits Of Working Together

Well, some of them...
Reduce pain
INCREASE self-esteem, self-acceptance and SELF-LOVE


  • ZAR 1200
  • One-on-One Coaching
    • Personalized Coaching: Receive individualized attention and guidance tailored to your unique needs, challenges, and goals.
    • Mindfulness-Based Approach: Learn and practice mindfulness techniques to develop a healthier relationship with food, improve self-awareness, and reduce emotional eating.
    • Customized Action Plan: Collaboratively create a personalized plan of action to address your specific needs, incorporating mindful eating practices, stress reduction techniques, and lifestyle adjustments.
    • Ongoing Support: Benefit from regular coaching sessions, check-ins, and support to stay motivated, track progress, and overcome obstacles on your mindful nutrition journey.
    • Resources and Tools: Access supplementary materials, such as handouts and recommended readings, to deepen your understanding and enhance your learning experience.
    • Accountability and Progress Tracking: Stay accountable to your goals through regular progress tracking and feedback, fostering a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
    • Flexible Schedule: Arrange coaching sessions at convenient times to accommodate your busy lifestyle and ensure consistent support.
  • ZAR 600
    Per Person Monthly
  • Small Group Coaching (2-4 people)
    • Supportive Community: Join a supportive group of like-minded individuals on a similar journey towards mindful eating and improved nutrition.
    • Mindfulness-Based Activities: Engage in group activities that promote mindfulness, such as guided meditations, mindful eating exercises, and discussions on mindful living.
    • Group Coaching Sessions: Participate in regular coaching sessions where you can learn, share experiences, and receive guidance from the coach within a group setting.
    • Peer Support and Encouragement: Benefit from the collective wisdom and encouragement of fellow group members, sharing insights, challenges, and strategies.
    • Interactive Workshops: Attend interactive workshops on nutrition and mindfulness topics, providing practical tools and fostering group interaction and learning.
    • Accountability and Progress Sharing: Stay accountable to your goals through group accountability check-ins and progress sharing, fostering motivation and celebration of milestones together.
    • Additional Resources: Access supplementary resources, such as handouts and worksheets, to support your learning and growth in the group coaching setting.

What our clients have to say

Elode Lessing

I have learned and applied so much that healthy eating has become enjoyable and second nature. I couldn’t believe it! I felt so great and even my pain subsided. I didn’t even care if I lost weight (because I didn’t think I can) but I get getting compliments on my weight loss. It was a nice bonus, as my greatest win was how energized and free I felt, something I didn’t feel when unhealthy lifestyle choices were the norm.

Elizabeth Pelser

I now feel good about myself, people compliment me for looking good and I feel much better doing the exercises at gym.

Louis Theron

JW, thanks for the holistic approach you took in helping me achieve my health goals. Your approach and guidance are always practical, making it easy for me to follow and understand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Hi, I’m John-Willy Pelser, a certified Mindfulness-based Nutrition Coach with over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Like many of my clients, I struggled with emotional eating and a tumultuous relationship with food for years. However, everything changed when I discovered the power of mindfulness and its profound impact on our well-being. Through mindfulness practices such as meditation, breathing exercises, journaling, mindful movement, and mindful eating, I achieved sustainable transformation in my own life and that of my clients.

What is mindfulness-based nutrition coaching?

Mindfulness-based nutrition coaching is a holistic approach that combines principles of mindfulness, nutrition education, and personalized coaching to help you develop a healthier relationship with food and yourself. It focuses on cultivating awareness, promoting mindful eating practices, and addressing emotional and psychological factors related to food choices.

How does mindfulness help with nutrition and eating habits?

Mindfulness enhances self-awareness and helps you tune into your body’s signals of hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. By practicing mindfulness, you can become more attuned to your emotions, cravings, and patterns around food, allowing for conscious and balanced choices.

What can I expect from the coaching sessions?

During coaching sessions, we will work together to explore your unique needs, challenges, and goals. We will discuss mindful eating practices, nutrition education, stress reduction techniques, and other tools to support your journey towards a healthier relationship with food and greater self-esteem.

How long does the coaching program typically last?

The duration of the coaching program varies depending on your individual needs and goals. We will determine the ideal time frame during our initial consultation, considering factors such as your starting point, desired outcomes, and availability.

Is this program suitable for individuals with specific dietary requirements or health conditions?

Absolutely! The coaching program can be tailored to accommodate specific dietary requirements, food allergies, intolerances, or health conditions. We will work together to develop a plan that suits your individual needs and supports your overall well-being.

Can I still enjoy my favorite foods while participating in the coaching service??

Yes! Mindful eating is all about finding a balanced approach to food and enjoying the foods you love in moderation. We will explore ways to savor and appreciate your favorite foods mindfully, while also incorporating nourishing and wholesome choices into your diet.

How often will we have coaching sessions?

The frequency of coaching sessions will be determined based on your preferences and availability. Typically, sessions are held on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to provide ongoing support, accountability, and guidance throughout your journey.

Do you provide meal plans or specific dietary guidelines?

Yes, as part of the coaching program, I can provide personalized meal planning guidance and dietary recommendations based on your goals and preferences. However, the focus will be on developing a flexible and sustainable approach to nourishing yourself rather than strict meal plans.

How do you address emotional eating and food cravings in the coaching program?

Emotional eating and food cravings are common challenges, and we will work together to address them. Through mindfulness techniques, self-reflection, and developing coping strategies, we will explore the underlying emotions and triggers associated with these patterns and develop healthier ways of managing them.

What ongoing support is available after the coaching program ends?

After completing the coaching program, you will have access to continued support and resources to help you maintain your progress and integrate mindful eating practices into your daily life. This includes email support, additional educational materials, and the option for follow-up sessions if desired.

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